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Strombecker Slot Cars & Parts

EJS#239 Strombecker 1/32 Scale Brass Chassis Kit


Includes: Axles, Oilites, Rims, Tires, Plafit Fox motor, 9t pinion, 28t crown gear

You pick the wheel inserts you want:
    • halibrands
    • wire wheel
    • american mags
    • craegars

This kit fits all Strombecker 1/32 scale bodies with 3 posts: Ford GT, J-car, Porsche Carrera, Chaparral, Olds powered special, Lola Chevy, Cheetah, Ferrari Dino, 365p2, Chap 2h. Also includes adapter for tc32 motor

$38.00 kit.

Strombecker 1/32 chassis kit

stamped #30535 Japan 1/24 alum.frame pf axles,rims uses strombecker tc24 no doubt use? what ever you can figure out $5.00
    2 1/2"w x4 7/8"l wheel base 4" rims wide fit many strombecker tires,
    and probably others- I havent done much research on this strange one.

EJS#118 Strombecker Style 1/32 Scale Indianapolis Racer Parts Pack


(injection molded) consists of: exhaust pipe long, exhaust pipe short oil cooler tank gas cap roll bar windshield (see ejs H11 on website for drivers head)

$10.00 Kit

EJS #207  1/32 Strombecker Plymouth Barracuda figure & chrome steering wheel


After years of believing the Strombecker 1/32 Plymouth Barracuda never had a driver figure made for it, I have found I was quite wrong.  Kit #8501 (also sold through Auto World) included this unique figure and chrome wheel.  We have injected molded both from an original and now offer something special for the "Cudas" out there who do not have the driver.
207 Barracuda Figure


#30458 1/24 bank track 3' 1" wide (uses 3 to make curve)


$5.00 Each

#30550 Strombecker Right Spin-out Aprons For 1/24 Monza bank track.

$3.50 a pair

#TS1 Strombecker Track support cones (red) 1 5/16 tall (10)


#TS2 Strombecker Track support cones (red) 2 5/16 tall (10)


#8312 Strombecker 1/24 Deluxe Chrome rimsSolid chrome wheel w/ball bearings 1/8"axle press fit


#1210 Strombecker guide, braid pr.ch.collar, set screw and lead shovels pr.


#30572 Strombecker power cable with fuse.


#68 Strombecker Short 8t pinion fits 61,64,67,70 motors


#7125 Strombecker power drill kit, bit, sanding drum, deburring tool, neat memorabilia




#113 Strombecker Ferrari 365p2 windshield injection molded & clear headlite covers


113B Strombecker 1/32 Ferrari 365p2 chrome part injection molded,chrome plated plus custom windshield wiper Intakes, Tail lights, Exhaust Pipe, Gas cap, Headlights


#8526 Motor 12 volt Hustler-chrome plated inline


8554 tire 1/24 sponge 1 1/8"d x 5/8"w*8324,35,94,kb230,33,35,re3411


8562 tire 1/24 sponge 1 1/8"d x 3/4"w *same as above


see ejs catalog for many other tires, rims and cross references.

90463 Guide,Braid *fits Long #9047,or Short #9050 Frames



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