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Borka Model & Toy - Rip off ?

I have documented my experience working with Borka model & Toy. My experience was unpleasant. so I decided to share it in hopes of saving others the same fate.

dec 8,2005 mr harry goo of the borka model&toy co ltd suggests we hurry with doing cheetah car etc.

 march2008 borka model&toy co ltd assures us all of our tooling is safe anytime we need parts they will run them for us.. as of october 15th 2010 never did.
may 14,2009 mr harry goo of the borka model&toy co ltd  addressXitian ind park no3, gongming st, new guangming dist,shenzhen, china,says please forward part 2 of our project,we comply and june 6 2009 he acknowledges they have the prototype.a quote will be given us within 24 hours, as of october 2010 nothing.
november 11,2009 first part of project parts are finished, we wire money and wait second part since the parts we received are no good without the injection molded body.
november 17 2009 borka model&toy co ltd,mr harry goo promises to e mail us in less than a week,never did.
march 4,2010 borka model&toy co ltd i have e mailed to return the prototype car & parts immediately,
april 8,2010promised again a response within the next 24 hours, never did.
july 11,2010 i complain to borka model&toy co ltd it has been a year
august 12.2010 borka model&car e mails me they are not using our prototype for anyone else,but by mistake he had told me that was what they where doing to sell to both ejshobbies inc& another company.
august 29,2010 borka model & toy co ltd promises to return the prototype car and parts to us.
 as of october 12, nothing again .
sept 15,2010 i e mail borka model&toy co ltd we also request our tooling for our 1/24th scale model be sent to us and we will gladly pay the shipping charges once it indeed arrives. .. no reply again.
sept 29.2010 i again e mail borka model&toy co ltd demanding he keep his word and return our prototype parts which he promised they would do with no charge.. again his word is no good.
october 5,2010 i warn borka model&toy co ltd i will take action to stop this activity and down right fraud.

october 9,2010 i hear from a business in spain that the borka model&toy co ltd has also refused to return their prototype 1/32 scale car and has had their cars for over 5 years and they plan not to ever work with mr harry goo or the borka model&toy co ltd.

november 12,2010  after working with the USA DEPT OF COMMERCE and a Senior International Trade Specialist plus 16 months of delays and excuses by Borka,we received our prototype cars this date but missing was the complete chassis kit.Next  is to demand Borka release our original tooling that they have had since 2005 which they said anytime we needed  more parts etc e mail them(i did-no response)plus they wouldnt even have the courtesy to inform us where the molds are at,no assistance in packing them etc even with me promising to pay all the cost to help,so i have succeeded in getting all in order for such a move with or without Borkas help.  i will keep you posted as things develope... but do remember to avoid this above mentiond company.




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