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EJ's Hobbies History

1956……..As a young teenager I acquired a magazine from England on racing. My friend and I attempted to build a brass tube chassis using empty ball point pen tubes. The track was nothing more than model railroad rails tacked down to a long piece of board. Using Stone Age tools we got it to work…. A little.

1961-1969…..The next round of my slot car interests began when Strombecker released a 1/32 scale slot car set with a D-Jaguar and a Ferrari Testa Rosa. Combining my set with my friend's gave me a full 50 foot raceway-drag strip. With marriage and children entering the picture plus limited funds, I slowly dropped out of racing (Temporarily).

1970-1979…..My son became interested in slot car racing and wanted to restore my old race set, but finding any parts was not the easiest thing to do since the “FAD” had faded away.

One day he and I visited a local hobby shop and asked the manager if he had any slot cars or parts in back stock. He responded by saying that they probably did, but he was too busy to look at that time.(With no one but himself, his assistant, my son and myself in the entire store.
We walked out the door. I reached into my pocket pulling out a few hundred dollars and told my son the dummy lost a potential customer because he was too lazy to spare us a few minutes of his time.
Promising to help me find those bygone treasures, my son and I started a treasure hunt that has lasted far longer than I ever dreamed it would.

1980…..I located a Hobby Shop literally full of slot car kits and parts, then another, thus EJS HOBBIES was born and I promised Never to treat a potential customer with the indifference we experienced.(The shop mentioned went out of business).

Our first slot car release appeared in the Auto World Catalog in 1989, a detailed 1/32 scale World of Outlaw Sprint car., thus our logo was born.

1990-2003…EJ’S produced many styles of chassis’s in Brass as well as Aluminum, and one time during the 91 Gulf War we did one in Zinc coated Steel since Brass was impossible to get.

A reproduced version of a Strombecker Brass Chassis came to be due to the simple fact I could not afford to get one back in 1966, and now I could plus we made it to accommodate not only the TC32 motor by Strombecker but a Fox Motor as well.

I told my wife around 1965 that someday I would have all the slot cars and parts I wanted. Time has passed and my dream has now come true.

Over the past twenty plus years we have produced everything from Axles, Rims, Tires, Brass Chassis, Injection Molding, Chrome Plating and Decals thanks to the great people I have met and worked with, plus all the customers who believed in what we were doing.

I can say first hand it was all of you that made us a success.
To date we have released a total of 38 slot car kits in one form or another and plan to do others if the timing seems right.

It has truly been one fantastic ride on the slot car merry go round, and we hope to keep moving on as long as we have the good customer base that has kept us competing with the big boys.

Sincerely Yours, Ed Sourbeck- President


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